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Sustenance + {Re}supply

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Amara Kitchen … ‘Feeding Customers in Pandemic Times

Interview With Restaurant Owner Paola Guasp in Los Angeles, California


Fiore Market Cafe … ‘A Woman’s Touch & Her Legacy’

Interview With Restaurant Owner Bill Disselhorst in South Pasadena, California


My 2 Cents … ‘Soul Food as Sidewalk + Kiosk Style’

Pandemic Eating Experience at the Soul Fusion Restaurant Created by Business Owner Alisa Reynolds in Los Angeles, California

(Home Cooking)

Quick Cook Menus … ‘Ujjwala’s Quest for Health and Science’

Interview With the Creator of Personal Social Media Home Cooking Channels and Career Scientist in Pasadena, California

(Home Cooking)

Sheri Shi Hui … ‘Rice Recipes to Share from Taiwan

Interview With the Home Cook and Multi-Disciplinary Artist in Brooklyn, New York

Meet the Lineup! A Series of Workshops

September 12 — October 24, 2020

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