RETAIL: From Design to Merchandise

Section Editor J Wheaton

Selling finished goods from in-person to e-commerce — all of it is “retail”! The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that In April 2020, e-commerce was nearly 19% of retail sales, which has since dropped to 15% but is still higher than before the pandemic. Despite 80% of all shopping happening in-stores, the 10% of retail sales that occur online help bolster the growth of small and medium-sized retailers. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) says that opening a new retail store drives up both the retailer’s website traffic and that of its entire marketplace.

In our state of constant consumption, it’s easy to press the order button and find a product you didn’t even know you wanted just a few short days later. When we lose the human element of where our stuff comes from and who made it, it’s much easier to discard it after a few wears or uses.

The businesses in this section exercise design that supports their missions, instill hand-made care in every good, and persevere despite challenges (particularly during the pandemic) to foster community through their businesses.

Stay awhile, browse the shelves, meet the vendors, peruse the racks, and consider what you’re consuming. Souvenirs are memorable and valuable for the memories attached to them when we make a purchase on vacation. Why not bring that to our local spaces as well? – J Wheaton

Cover Art by Sarah Emory. Brand Design by Meghan Hricak.

Slow + Sustain

A community zine initially started by a group of women during quarantine, that is now branching out to create an inclusive small business platform, to encourage the ventures and supplemental income initiatives of women. We believe slow and sustainable innovations lead to more choices in the marketplace, ultimately contributing to a healthier economy where consumers can purchase goods and services tailored to their needs, and that resonate with them ethically.

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