Our zine is comprised of creator/founder stories, and aims to connect women of entrepreneurial spirit, in their respective ethnic, local and global communities. This is a pandemic production, celebrating women we admire, who keep forging ahead, despite the successive crises that have occurred since March of 2020. We encourage one another to fulfill our unique and individual purpose.

A community zine initially started by a group of women during quarantine, that is now branching out to create an inclusive small business platform, to encourage the ventures and supplemental income initiatives of women. We believe slow and sustainable innovations lead to more choices in the marketplace, ultimately contributing to a healthier economy where consumers can purchase goods and services tailored to their needs, and that resonate with them ethically.

Stay tuned while we organize as a nonprofit and complete all compliance measures necessary. In the meantime, we are looking for collaborative opportunities to help women in the context of small businesses. Please contact us if you have a cause that you would like Slow + Sustain Magazine™ (part of It’s Work[s] Collective, Corp.) to align with. We will explore the opportunity to see how we can be of service, whether in our independent publication, online events and workshops, or in some other way that benefits the person or community inquiring.

Our Donors Are Eligible for Charitable Deduction!

What we offer subscribers:

  • We share a wide array of goods and services with our readers that they might not otherwise have known about
  • Raise funds for the promotion of small businesses and women owned businesses
  • Support the arts, including illustration, wearable art, small-batch operations, and artisans
  • Tell readers about relatively safe interactive experiences they can patronize under pandemic circumstances, such as virtual experiences, small art galleries, take-out eateries, and creative outdoor activities as quarantine restrictions begin to ease in our respective locales
  • Access to “perks” and “specials” offered by participating small businesses

What we offer participants:

  • Exposure and support from others in our community via biannual zines and year-round events/workshops involving the public
  • The opportunity to cross audiences and pool resources in an interactive manner
  • Peer reviews and focus groups for feedback
  • Increase traffic by disseminating useful information about your project/initiative/business to a wider audience


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