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Wellness: {Re}building Remotely

Photo by Rebecca Redondo.

An Invitation to Be Your Authentic Self

Rebecca chooses podcast guests who are already “doing the work”. She wants her audience and clients to hear stories from people who are living unique, aligned lives. They’re showing up as themselves every single day. It’s inspirational.

Note: Rebecca consistently uses “womxn” in her written material, an intersectional spelling of “women” that is meant to be inclusive!

This zine is about entrepreneurial spirit, and we are particularly interested in the challenges experienced by other women during this difficult time in both the world and our country. What need did you see in your own network/community that prompted you to open up shop recently as an alignment coach and podcast host?

Rebecca: Coaching others is a natural state for me. I’ve been supporting friends and family in this way for most of my life. You come to me when you need insight, a push to try something new, or a strategy for how to tackle a challenge. My emotional IQ is high and I love problem solving. I am happiest when the people around me are in a state of growth. I want everyone to figure out who they are and find the strength to be the most authentic version of themselves. That’s why I feel the most comfortable calling myself an Alignment Coach. This isn’t about self-improvement. It’s about uncovering your authentic self then aligning your actions to be that person 100% of the time (or as close as you can get to that). I see so many people (of all ages) who are afraid to even begin figuring out who they really are. The drive to compare ourselves to others in measurements that don’t actually matter to us is contributing to high levels of dissatisfaction. It’s the Instagram curse, but it predates Instagram. I know some highly successful people who take beautiful photos for the ‘gram. When I hang out with them they don’t seem as happy as they look in those photos. It’s because they aren’t being true to themselves.

I am about to hit publish on the tenth episode of my podcast. It’s called Standing In Her Power. I invite womxn of all different backgrounds to come on and share a story about a time when they stood in their power despite real or perceived consequences. I hope that these conversations inspire others to take action in becoming a more authentic version of themselves whether that means working with me or going out on their own. I want to provoke change in others. The kind of change that flips someone from being the person who says “I could never do that” to the type of person who just does it.

Zine: What is some advice on mindset you would offer women who are navigating into uncharted territory to found their own projects/businesses for the first time?

Rebecca: Trust your instincts. Connect the unique experiences you have that give you the skill set needed to pursue this project or business. Don’t expect every close friend or family member to understand your vision. Find one person who really understands your capabilities and what you are trying to do and use them as a sounding board. Expect lots of setbacks. Expect lots of detours. Protect yourself legally and financially. Plan to drop anything outside this project that is just a distraction. Get really quiet when you need clarity. Expect the long haul. Seek out other entrepreneurs if you thrive when connected to a community because being an entrepreneur is typically lonely. Never stop promoting yourself and your project/business. If you don’t share your passion with the world no one will ever know and that would be a shame. Odds are that there are people who will really benefit from your product or service and it would be rude to keep it from them!

Zine: What’s your favorite local good or service that you are grateful is still open?

Rebecca: A place near my house makes a delicious veggie sushi roll that’s unlike veggie sushi I’ve ever had anywhere else which is kind of shocking because I used to live in NYC and now I live in the suburbs. I am so happy they survived the quarantine lockdown. This roll has avocado, carrot, mango, sweet potato tempura, and mango sauce. So good.

Here are four episodes that are bound to inspire you to stand in your own power… You can find them on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Aja shares her story of becoming The Spirit Guide Coach. Aja did what most people wouldn’t when given the choice – she chose to pursue her calling at the risk of alienating friends and family.
Shannon is a craftivist (activist through crafting) who stands up to power everyday. She shares a story about the time she stood up to the patriarchy of the Catholic Church in 7th grade.
Marcy and Jen stand in their power every single day. They are self-described “FAT AND FABULOUS” women who built a beautiful mission-based business that will stand the test of time.
Mandy is a Certified Postpartum Doula and the co-founder of Major Care. She credits her personal birth experience and her decision to leave NYC for guiding her to her new calling.

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