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Artistic {Re}treats

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Jennifer McChristian … ‘Flowering of Artistic Perseverance’

Interview With Jennifer McChristian, a Classic Impressionist Painter and Instructor in Los Angeles, California

Lisa Dosson … ‘Creating Spaces for Community Art Events’

Interview With the Founder of Model Drawing Collective and Freelance Storyboard Artist in Los Angeles, California

Angela Sung … ‘Solo Gallery Show & Warrior Friends’

Interview With the Founder of Warrior Painters and Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks in Los Angeles, California

Michelle Wen … ‘Art After Dreaming’

Interview With Michelle Wen, Ceramist and Multi-Disciplinary Artist in Brooklyn, New York

ChART Contemporary …’ Art Advisor Reboot: Relocates to New City’

Interview With Megan Connolly, Founder and Art Advisor in Austin, Texas

Meet the Lineup! A Series of Workshops

September 12 — October 24, 2020

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