Senior Editor, Copywriter & Fact Checker Volunteer


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Position: Senior Editor, Copywriter & Fact Checker

Duration: 13 Weeks Starting the Second Week of March, 2022

Job Description: Update our writing guidelines using a hybrid of AP Style and what’s appropriate for a magazine publication like ours. Review all articles and obtain clarification on dates, names and places, their proper spelling and make sure stories are easy-to-read and comprehensible to our readership. Review the first and final drafts by each Section Editor and compile into one long document for final review. Who You Are: Someone with experience writing/editing nonfiction, factual stories about small businesses. Possess professionalism, ethics and journalistic integrity. Samples of past published work required.

Get your work published! Come away from this three month long project with something to share with prospective clients/customers!

Who We Are: We are a multicultural organization based in Los Angeles to support women in the arts, literature and business. We create a space for burgeoning artists, writers and practicing businesswomen to showcase their work, by producing semiannual printed magazines that serve as portfolio pieces for the contributors who make them—and advertorial pieces for the women-owned businesses we feature.

All volunteers receive a free copy when the issue goes to print. Next printing is June 2022. Volunteers meet via Zoom every Saturday morning 8AM PST/11AM EST. Expect to spend an average of roughly 6 hours per week for 13 weeks, depending on your role.