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Interact with our lineup through online workshops where founders, makers and creators give talks, demonstrate their craft, and answer questions from the audience. Receive a downloadable soft copy of the zine to savor slowly.

Digi-Zine Community

Attend any live workshops on our schedule (valued at $15 each) and access recorded sessions in archives. We send you the entire 'Digi-Zine' as a downloadable PDF. Enclosed is a series of interviews with the founders, makers and creators who decided to pour their energy out into their communities either during the pandemic or before. 50% of proceeds from our digital products go to your charity of choice. (You can select from our list of charities when we email you the PDF and workshop access codes.)


Workshops and the zine are organized by Slow + Sustain through the volunteer efforts of our contributors. Funding comes from both the contributors and the public.

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