Soft Launch & Hardcopies Coming Soon!

Our soft launch is Sunday August 16th, 2020. The interactive PDF compilation of these articles will be available on Sunday September 6th, 2020, for subscribers. We will also send the entire PDF file to print, so you will be able to buy hard-copies of the layout for keeps! Stay tuned if you would like to buy a printed copy, as these will be available to the public soon, along with events-for-purchase on a sliding scale!

It’s important to galvanize the entrepreneurial courage of women by brainstorming together, supporting each other in live sessions, and offering advice/expertise where we can. That’s why we came up with our own publication, to reach our communities on the ground, where we wish to reinforce that our goals and aspirations are possible, even when we are met with new and unexpected obstacles.

We have compiled a collection of interviews about each founder’s journey to creating their small businesses or publicly shared content that seek to enrich their audiences. Also included are a couple of reviews. The zine participants produce a wide array of goods and services that brighten our daily lives. They excel in the arenas of art, food and food related culture, sustainable and ethically made fashion, that are all designed to support our spirits in difficult and uncertain times.

How do you view this content?

Sampler: Contact us for a pass code to view 3 articles of your choice in the online version!

Subscribe: Basic members can view all articles individually with one pass code, and download the entire PDF for $5. Half of the proceeds go to zine operations, and the other half to a charity of your choice! This is give access to future and archived issues as well.

Purchase: Printed copies for sale! Preorder now!

Attend: Join us in the next few months as we hold a slow-release workshop series to introduce our lineup to everyone! Join us at your leisure!

  • Individual articles are available for viewing online (email or contact the participants, for a pass code to enter)
  • Our entrepreneurial participants are currently open for business, and you can peruse our lineup to shop the brands and channels that resonate with you
  • You can support these small businesses or community building initiatives by going directly to their virtual stores or social media channels
  • Meet the lineup through our organization, where we introduce our participants in live workshops (see workshop calendar available 08/24/20)
  • Advance booking for workshops: Please contact participants directly if you are interested in reserving spots in a workshop with them, so they can plan their agendas and meeting room capacities in advance!

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